jue's httpup repository

You can access the repository by using httpup. See the httpup manual for additional informations. Here is my jue.httpup file.
acct6.6.2login and process accounting utilities
aspell-de20030222-1German dictionary for aspell
atop2.2-3Enhanced system & process monitor like top
cgi-fcgi2.4.0Bridge from CGI to FastCGI
falcon0.9.6.8Yet another scripting language
falcon-mysql0.9.6.8DBI modules for falcon
ffmpeg3.2.2Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
gnupg11.4.21GNU privacy guard
i34.13A tiling window manager (depends only on ports from our ISO)
ledger3.1.2Command-line accounting tool
mawk1.3.4-20161120AWK interpreter
mbuffer20160228Tool for buffering data streams
metalog3Modern replacement for syslogd and klogd
mysql-utilities1.5.3MySQL interface for Python
netsurf3.5Web browser
nsd4.1.14Authoritative only, high performance name server
polipo1.1.1A small and fast caching web proxy
rlwrap0.42readline wrapper to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command
samba4.5.4SMB server and client for unix
sqlitebrowser3.9.1Database browser for SQLite
xjobs20151016Tool to execute jobs in paralell (enhanced xargs)
xorg-font-smooth1.1Nice, readable 6x13 bitmap font

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